10 Amazing Best Lightweight Hardside Luggage For 2024

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Luggage is an essential part of going on a trip. Whether you are visiting a neighboring town or traveling abroad, a luggage bag is critical to store and transport your possessions. 

Suitcases are available in numerous sizes and weights, but there are only two types: hard-side and soft-side luggage. 

The hard-side luggage provides extra safety for belongings but is less supple than soft-side luggage made of fabric. 

They are created with groundbreaking technology and waterproof materials like ABS and aluminum. Plus, they are chic, long-lasting, and lightweight. 

Most models come with innovative designs, spacious interiors, 360-degree rotational wheels, telescopic handles, and TSA-approved locks. 

With countless hard-side luggage options available, it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. In this post, we will share the 11 best lightweight hardside luggage options that will revolutionize your vacations.

10 Best Lightweight Hardside Luggage For 2024

If you are looking for best lightweight hardside luggage, look no further as you have the best 10 hardside luggage options below. Explore them and choose the suitable option for you.

1. Briggs & Riley Sympatico Hardside Luggage

This is one of the best lightweight hardside luggage 2024 that you count as PERFECTION. As a regular traveler, this wheeled carry-on bag helps you go miles. It expands by 22% to give you more room. 

Adjustable garment compression panels keep clothes flat, reducing wrinkles and securing contents. It’s ideal for foreign travel. It also comes with a power pocket. 

As a result, it keeps your phone safe and allows for on-the-go charging through a pass-through USB cord.

The telescoping handle system is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with three stop heights and a comfortable grip.

2. Traveler’s Choice Maxporter II 30″

The bag is made entirely of polycarbonate with a special texture that helps prevent abrasive scratches. While you’re on the lookout for adventures, its protective corner guards will keep you safe from the hardships of travel.

Furthermore, the patent-pending T-Cruiser handle mechanism makes it simple to move your backpack. The classic spinner wheel system provides wide wheelbases for enhanced traction and stability.

It has a built-in TSA-certified lock for privacy and security. The main compartment with a 70/30 split opening secures your valuables for maximum packing.

3. Ben Sherman Nottingham Hardisde 4 Wheel Luggage

In this robust hard-side 4-wheel spinner 28-inch checked size suitcase from Ben Sherman’s “Nottingham” luggage collection, you may pack your essentials for an overnight trip or a weekend break. 

Made with a tear-resistant, fully lined interior, and a sturdy, high-strength hard-side ABS exterior. It also has multi-directional 4-wheel spinner wheels for smooth 360-degree rotation over difficult terrain. 

A piece of strong luggage has a push-button telescopic trolley handle with a 41-inch extension that is conductive for one-handed use. For travelers and professionals who value both design and function, this is the ideal lightweight and dependable hardside luggage 28inch.

4. Rockland Santa Fe Hardside 20-Inch Spinner Wheel Luggage

ABS is used to make this suitcase. The main characteristics of this material are that it is extremely light, durable, and protects your possessions. Four multi-directional spinning wheels rotate 360 degrees for smooth movement. 

Excess weight surcharges are applied by most airlines; therefore, you can pack more with this luggage—Push-button functionality on the internal chrome telescoping handle. There are mesh and zip pockets on the interior, as well as an elastic pocket. 

It weighs 7.5 pounds and measures 20 inches by 13 inches by 9 inches. The black and silver wheels may have different designs.

5. Amazon Basics 30-Inch Hardside Spinner

This lightweight hard shell luggage is ideal for business trips, vacations, and weekend trips. It comes with a 30-inch hard-side spinner with a scratch-resistant navy blue finish and a protected extra-thick ABS hard shell. 4 double spinner wheels provide easy motion in either direction.

This hard shell luggage 30inch also has a sturdy telescoping handle and a securely fitted short handle for easy mobility.

3 zippered pockets for holding smaller belongings; fully lined 150D polyester inner organizer with divider. You can extend 15% more and create a packing space to pack more.

6. KENNETH COLE REACTION Lightweight Durable Hardside 4-Wheel Spinner

Looking for a stylish bag? KENNETH COLE REACTION is the way to go. It boasts multi-directional wheels that glide smoothly, as well as multiple handles on the top, side, and bottom that will come in helpful if you need to place your bag under your seat or in an overhead compartment. 

The main compartment is entirely lined with a tear-resistant lining and contains double-sided packaging, a zipped pocket, and garment restraining straps to keep your valuables secure.

The baggage is equipped with a top and side grab handle and four molded side feet that allow it to stand upright on its side for simple handling. This hard-side spinning luggage is ideal for business trips, vacations, and weekend trips.

It comes with a 30-inch hard-side spinner with a scratch-resistant navy blue finish and a protected extra-thick ABS hard shell. 4 double spinner wheels provide easy motion in either direction.

It also has a sturdy telescoping handle and a securely fitted short handle for easy mobility.

3 zippered pockets for holding smaller belongings; fully lined 150D polyester inner organizer with divider. You can extend 15% more and create a packing space to pack more.

7. Samsonite Underseat Carry-On Spinner with USB Port

Samsonite’s Spinner Underseater with USB Port is an excellent travel companion. This ingenious spinner carry-on slides under the seat or overhead compartment, avoiding carry-on fees. Also, it’s small enough to qualify as a personal item!

The Push Button Locking Handle on this samsonite hardside luggage is ergonomically designed to fit your hand comfortably. There’s also an external quick stow pocket for more organized packing of smaller items. 

A padded luggage with laptop Compartment is also included in the main compartment, which can hold laptops up to 13.3 inches in size. An elastic band protrudes from the pocket and holds the laptop in place.

8. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside 4-Wheel Luggage

The fabric in the Maxlite 5 bags isn’t just regular polyester; it’s also treated with DuraGuard, improving the suitcases’ water and stain resistance and general durability. That means your luggage should last a long time and appear brand new.

For a smooth roll, four-wheel spinners rotate 360 degrees. The PowerScope handle has a proprietary contour grip with rubberized contact points for smooth manipulation and stops at 38 and 42.5 inches. 

To enhance packing capacity, it expands up to 2 inches. For packing convenience, it has a low-profile top, side, and bottom carry handles, two outside compartments, a full-length internal lid pocket, a side accessory pocket, and adjustable hold-down straps.

9. DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Carry On 19-Inch

This baggage set includes four polycarbonate suitcases, one of which is a 19-inch international carry-on. That bag is particularly distinct because it has an external zippered area for your gadgets, which is uncommon on hard-side luggage.

The handle design on this best lightweight carry on luggage is comfortable and locks into two settings for convenience of use.

All your belongings are easily accessible and organized thanks to two huge, completely lined compartments with several pockets. Web straps and a zippered divider keep clothes safe and wrinkle-free.

10. Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0 Frequent

Looking for the best lightweight hardside checked luggage? Count on Victorinox’s lightweight carry-on luggage for optimum agility when touring the world.

Most major airlines have criteria for carry-on luggage, and Victorinox carry-ons have been developed to satisfy those regulations while exceeding your expectations.

The padded 15″ laptop sleeve is a wonderful feature. It also contains a tablet compartment, so you can keep all of your electronics safe inside the suitcase.

The Frequent Flyer’s exterior is comprised of 600D Ballistic Nylon. The material is water-resistant and completely abrasion-resistant, ensuring the safety of your possessions. 

This carry-on contains a USB charging port, which isn’t seen on the larger luggage in the line.

What Things To Look For When Buying The Best Lightweight Hardside Luggage?

Make sure to consider these essential elements while purchasing hardside luggage for your next adventure.

  • Compartments

This can vary from bag to bag, but hardside luggage does not have zippers and compartments on the outer side. 

It will often have a mesh pocket inside to help separate your belongings, such as toiletries and apparel. 

You will also discover straps to keep your possessions securely strapped in place and your outfits from getting untidy. 

Some models have removable compartments like a garment bag to hang attires or a laundry bag to store dirty clothes.

  • Materials

Most hardside bags are crafted from ABS plastic or polycarbonate. 

Polycarbonate is the ideal choice for you since it is lightweight, sturdier, and has high-impact resistance. 

The negative side of this material is that it scuffs and scratches easily; however, you can buff away the scuff marks with a cleaner sponge. 

On the contrary, ABS plastic is more cost-effective and lighter than polycarbonate. 

Nevertheless, it is less robust and more susceptible to scratches. 

You will discover suitcases produced with a fusion of polycarbonate and ABS, but they are not as heavy-duty as 100% polycarbonate suitcases. 

The most luxurious hardside bags are made of aluminum, which is heavier than ABS and polycarbonate, but it is sturdier than both. 

The materials you choose depend on your budget and how you will use the bag.

  • Set Or Single 

It is reliant on how much you want to pack. If you are traveling abroad for several days, you will need a set of great-quality carry-on and checked bags. 

Purchasing a set is more affordable than purchasing two bags separately. 

Buy a set if you know you will need three or four bags. The hardside luggage sets are not very pricey and come in matching hues and styles.

  • Size

Nowadays, people prefer to take a checked bag on their trips due to the strict carry-on bag requirements. 

When buying hardside luggage, ensure that its maximum dimensions are compatible with the requirements of all air companies. 

A 28 to 29-inch expandable suitcase will keep you in the good books of the airline.

  • Weight

Most people think that all hardside suitcases are heavier. However, this is not true at all. 

Hardside bags weigh 2-5 pounds more than softside bags. 

Modern hardside bags made of ABS materials are exceptionally lightweight and durable. 

Always opt for a lightweight bag so you can be certain it won’t be considered overweight at the airport.


  1. What Brand Is Best For Hardside Luggage?

American Tourister is the best brand for hardside luggage. They offer great quality hardside bags in various finishes and colors at a cost-effective price. 

Samsonite owns this brand. Their suitcases are perfect for travelers. They offer great value, style, and sturdiness.

  1. Is Hard Shell Luggage Heavier?

Modern hard shell luggage is manufactured with cutting-edge technology and plastics such as polycarbonate and ABS, which are extremely durable and lightweight. 

ABS is the lightest, whereas polycarbonate is the toughest. Aluminum is the most durable, securer, and heavier.

  1. Which Luggage Is Lighter, Harder Or Soft?  

Softside luggage is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and has many pockets for your different packing requirements. 

They are inexpensive and available in numerous designs, sizes, and shapes. 

On the flip side, hard shell luggage is sturdier and provides superior security for your valuables. It is easy to stack and long-lasting. 


When it comes to greater protection and packing for your items, the best lightweight hardside luggage offers a lot of valuable space. 

While they are a bit costly, the latest hardside suitcases offer some of the best checked and carry-on bags for all types of rovers. 

See things in a different way with a stylish and easy-to-move hardside bag for your next voyage. 

Plus, they are durable enough to endure wear and tear while not adding extra pounds to your luggage.

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