Best Luggage Sets For International Travel 2022 (Worth Buying Guide)

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a frequent jet-setter, or a seasonal explorer, you cannot go wrong when buying the best luggage sets for international travel.

Built to accommodate most vacationers’ desires, these luggage sets come in various sizes, styles, types, and price ranges.

Also, they are not just visually attractive but enormously practical and functional.

The best luggage sets can include 2 to 8 pieces, including a check-in, carry-on, and added suitcases for gadgets, apparel, etc.

They will be lightweight, durable, and equipped with sufficient storage for all your needs.

Plus, whether you select a trendy designer set or a cheap luggage set, a pair of sturdy hard-shell bags, or a trio of pliable soft-shell suitcases, purchasing the complete package usually is more affordable than buying all pieces separately.

So, this guide will enlighten you about what to consider when buying the best luggage bags for international travel in the USA.

How about when the entire family is going on vacation?

You will certainly require more than one bag, and shopping for several cases for the whole family can be a genuine problem.

The part that is a bit difficult is determining what type of luggage set you need.

There are several things to figure out when looking for the best luggage bags for international travel UK.

But don’t worry, to make your life easier, we have prepared a list of important elements you need to consider while buying the luggage set. So keep reading.

What To Look For In The Best Luggage Sets For International Travel?

Below are Ten important things you need to consider before buying the best luggage bags for international travel.

1.     Luggage Mobility

Indeed, the initial thing you need to consider is the number of wheels of the bags.

And it would be best if you did not make this choice exclusively based on how the bags roll in-store.

Keep in mind the environment you will be traveling in.

● No Wheels

The best luggage sets 2023 with no wheels are ideal for people who travel with smaller bags or those searching for weekender suitcases.

If you need a duffle bag, you should procure one without wheels to save on your overall baggage weight.

● Two Wheels

The 2-wheeled bags are difficult to pull through the train stations and airports.

However, they are considerably easier to navigate on cemented roads.

If you travel abroad a lot, you may stick with 2-wheeled bags.

● Four Wheels

Four wheels slide effortlessly through train stations and airports.

Pushing your stuff is tremendously easy on your body, especially when your case is heavier.

If you are tensed about the excess weight, it is worth noting that a 4-wheeled bag will weigh more than a 2-wheeled bag.

2.     Spinner or In-Line Wheels

In-line wheels don’t break and are more stable. They roll in only one direction, so you will have to manage the weight when you tip and roll it.

However, spinner wheels make the bags easy to move and can be tipped and rolled on all four. 

3.     Additional Features

The next thing you have to look for when buying a luggage set is a lock.

Without a lock, it will be effortless for anyone to reach into your stuff and steal your possessions.

Therefore, you should look for a suitcase with a TSA lock, which will let only you or airport staff open it up and examine your luggage.

Combination locks, cable locks, and key card locks are incredible options.

Other great things to look for including removable batteries for charging your devices, separate washing bags, and interior item compression.

These are prevalent additions to the best luggage brands for international travel, but you can procure them separately.

4.     Handles

A durable and strong handle is compulsory when it comes to suitcases for international travel.

You will possibly be wheeling it or carrying it around to numerous locations.

Thus, you have to confirm that the handle will withstand the test of time.

Many new bags have ergonomic handles that fit your hand’s shape, so you don’t have to fear getting sores, thanks to pulling your bag along.

If you choose a backpack instead of a bag, the handles should be robust enough to carry all the weight on your back.

5.     Your Traveling Plan And Style

Are you traveling in a family group, as a couple, or solo? Do you travel less or more frequently?

Are you driving, going on a cruise, or flying to your destination? Do you go on short or long tours?

Deliberate about how you will utilize your luggage to help you make a verdict.

If you travel in all these styles often, you need an assortment of bag types and sizes to suit your needs.

If you are going abroad as a couple for a short trip, you need a carry-on bag.

Nonetheless, if you are going on a longer holiday, you need multiple bags to hold everything. 

6.     How Many Suitcases Do You Need?

If you are often traveling, you will need a minimum of 2 cases—a carry-on and a large checked suitcase.

The best carry on luggage for international travel is impeccable for one-night stays or weekend excursions.

A duffle case is also perfect for when you need some additional space for gifts or when you have the shortest trip.

Different sized suitcases are forever a great option for families.

7.     Color

What is your favorite color for the best luggage sets for air travel?

It is better to decide the color before going to buy the luggage set.

You will have countless options, from colored pairs to bold hues and checkered patterns.

Similarly, some sets are designed with diverse hues for each bag.

We recommend you to choose a black luggage set because black looks elegant, evergreen, and trendy.

Moreover, dirt and scratches don’t appear as much on black as they do on lighter tones.

8.     Materials

The best lightweight luggage sets for international travel are manufactured from various materials.

Different materials are sturdier than others, some are lightweight, and some are waterproof.

You will want to figure out which matters the most to you.

● Polyester

Polyester fabric is the least robust and inexpensive.

You can normally find these bags on sale in the local market, but they won’t last for the long term.

If you have ever witnessed how suitcases are handled at airports, you will never purchase a polyester bag. 

● Polycarbonate

The polycarbonate luggage’s hard sides inhibit the bag from collapsing, shielding your possessions.

The major disadvantage of this fabric is that it scratches and cracks easily.

However, many folks buy hard polycarbonate bags because they are lightweight.

● Nylon

Nylon fabric is durable and lightweight, making it the ideal option.

It has more “give,” letting you squeeze in that additional pair of boots.

Some nylon bags are created from the same technology utilized in military equipment, so you can be sure your luggage will be secure.

9.     Weight and Size

You should purchase the best international luggage sets that comply with airline requirements.

Also, it should be able to hold a decent amount of weight.

Nothing is more unfortunate than paying additional luggage fees or having your bag break open due to overloading.

Airline instructions for carry-on bags vary, so you must check the sizes permitted by your desired air company before obtaining a new bag.

Restrictions modify frequently, but you can anticipate that carry-on suitcases must not exceed 14 inches wide, 9 inches tall, and 22 inches long for most travelers.

10. Rigid or Expandable Compartments

The best luggage sets for international travel with expandable sections are terrific for travel presents.

These pouches enable you to conveniently add to your luggage without fighting for space in the already loaded major pocket.

Nevertheless, they make the best large suitcases for international travel hard to move, possibly tilting their weight to one side.

On the flip side, rigid bags have locks for fastening, making them more secure.


  1. Which luggage brand is best for international travel?

For now, the bags that are serving the best quality for international travel are Delsey and Samsonite. These are two of the top brands slightly on the higher price side.

However, with the durability and quality of the luggage sets, you can have them for a longer time with you unless you like to play around with them.

Other than these two, the American Tourister is a good budget bag.

  1. Which type of luggage is best for travel?

The right type of luggage is all about quality, pockets (as per the need), a great grip, and the best size.

All of these factors also depend on the type of your trip and the purpose of your trip. So, keep it in mind while choosing the best luggage bags for your travel. If you want something sturdy and stylish, you will find amazing options from many popular brands.


So, these are the ten vital factors you should consider before acquiring the best quality luggage for international travel.

We are optimistic you have found some valuable information in this guide and you are now fully prepared to buy a new suitcase for your next international journey.

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