Find Out 20 Best Lightweight Luggage Sets for Your Next Trip

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Going on holiday is exciting and delightful. However, if the idea of carrying a heavyweight suitcase upsets you, you don’t need to worry. 

The best lightweight luggage sets for international travel are designed to comply with strict regulations for luggage sizes and weights set by air companies. 

With a lightweight bag, you can pack more items without surpassing the set restrictions as they have organized interiors. 

With the air companies charging substantial fees for heavy and overstuffed bags, traveling with the best lightweight hard-side luggage sets has become necessary. 

Finding a durable, cost-effective, and best lightweight luggage set is not so easy.

Therefore, we decided to help you and crafted a buying guide and a list of best lightweight checked luggage sets.

4 Things to Consider When Picking the Best Lightweight Luggage Sets 2024

It can be tough to discover the best lightweight luggage for your travel needs, especially with infinite styles, colors, sizes, and shapes. 

So, here is a list of vital factors you should consider when choosing the ideal bag.

  • Hard Vs. Soft Lightweight Bags

Hard luggage sets are perfect for storing delicate products. They are lighter, sturdy, and less likely to be impaired during transportation. 

As they come with a hard side, you will mostly carry the important things because it is difficult to go over the limit. 

On the other hand, soft luggage sets are flexible and tend to fit in an overhead compartment. 

Their downside is that they rip easily if you don’t buy a premium quality case manufactured of durable materials.

  • Handles

While most bags come with handles, some have shoulder straps instead of handles. 

Ensure that the case you have selected has a handle that retracts easily and swiftly. 

Also, the handles should be tall enough to let you pull your baggage at a comfortable arm’s length.

  • Water-Resistant

Although keeping lightweight has the best option for luggage sets for international travel for adding extra protection while in rainy or wet weather. 

Although water-resistant suitcases are not waterproof, they offer you a little extra time to look for shelter or pull out a rain cover without getting your possessions wet.

  • Weight

The “best lightweight luggage sets 2024” can weigh anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds when empty. 

Different features, such as wheels, integrated locks, handles, etc., add weight to the suitcase. 

Thus, consider what features you need if you are concerned about keeping your suitcase’s weight.

20 Best Lightweight Luggage Sets for International Travel in 2024

1. FOCHIER 3-Piece Luggage Set

FOCHIER 3-piece hard-shell luggage set is one of the “best lightweight luggage sets” in 2024. 

It is made to cushion impact with a polycarbonate composite shell. The shell bends under pressure before returning to its actual shape. 

The external surface has an eye-catching diamond-embossed texture that inhibits scratches and abrasions. 

Furthermore, you can adjust the telescopic handle using the multi-stage lock heights to fit your height needs. 

The two spinner wheels make it viable for the bags to move in any direction. 

This luggage set is obtainable in 3 sizes since the carry-on size and weight restrictions vary by airline. 

When you are not utilizing these bags, you can stack the smaller suitcases inside the larger ones for storage. 

This set has integrated TSA combination locks on every piece.

2. COOLIFE Luggage 4 Piece Set Suitcase

Coolife Luggage 4-piece set suitcase is manufactured of resilient and lightweight ABS material. 

Each piece of luggage has a squared, full-capacity design with interior mesh zippered pockets. 

They boast silent double spinner wheels and an adjustable aluminum telescopic handle that lets you speedily maneuver it in tighter spaces. 

It is one of the most affordable hard-shell bags available on the market. It comes in 17 hues and has a conspicuous appearance. 

A 2-year warranty covers it, and its interior is spacious. It has built-in TSA locks to ensure your possessions are safe and secure. 

Besides, whenever airport staff needs to examine it, they can swiftly unlock it utilizing a master key. 

The bags in this set are available in 28-inch, 24-inch, 20-inch, and 16-inch sizes. You can store them inside each other.

3. Lucas 3 Piece Suitcase Set

Lucas Luggage is one of the leading brands that manufacture the best lightweight luggage sets for international travel

They are concentrated on making ultra-lightweight luggage sets that meet the set limitations of airlines. 

This 3-piece set is remarkable for families traveling with children with numerous things to pack. 

Its soft fabric construction is more apt for a casual outing than a business trip. 

These expandable bags have durable 360 degrees 8-spinner wheels for added mobility, making it effortless to move around. 

It is available in 3 different colors. The ergonomic handle is lightweight and can absorb shock. 

It has a wholly lined interior and ties tapes to keep your outfits.

4. Rockland Melbourne Luggage Set

If you are questing for an inexpensive luggage set, the Rockland Melbourne luggage set is fantastic. 

This 2-piece set is exclusively designed to meet all your international travel needs. 

It includes a 20-inch carry-on bag and a 28-inch checked bag. ABS plastic is used for making suitcases. 

This material is extremely durable, lightweight, and safeguards your luggage’s contents. 

Multi-directional double spinner wheels move in all directions for easy maneuverability.

Moreover, the bags have a telescopic handle that stows away conveniently and locks into an extended position. 

The bags’ interior is split into two packing sections, with elastic cross straps in one compartment and a zippered divider in the other section. 

The bottom packing section also has a zippered pocket for things you would like to keep separate from the rest of the items in the suitcases.

5. Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Collection

Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage collection is one of the top-rated lightweight luggage sets

It is created from a tear-resistant substance with a completely lined interior. The suitcases come with heavy-duty diamond-textured ABS exteriors.  

The interior of the main compartment has numerous zippered organization pockets, garment restraint panels, and elastic shoe pouches. 

The corner guard reinforcements are responsible for absorbing and deflecting shock. 

The 8-wheel spinners are multi-directional and allow the luggage to move smoothly over rough grounds. 

On the other hand, this set expands by two inches for extra storage and packing capacity. 

The coil zippers and zipper pullers permit you to fasten your TSA locking system to your suitcase for extended usage. 

The bottom, top, and side handles are flexible, making it effortless to lift the luggage.

6. Jetstream 2 Piece Luggage Set

The Jetstream luggage set is an excellent option for a tight budget. It is also consider one of the best lightweight carry on luggage sets

It has two bags—a 26-inch checked suitcase and an 18-inch carry-on bag. 

Both cases are manufactured from scratch-resistant and impact-resistant ABS material. 

Each piece of this set is armed with 360 degrees multi-directional, four rolling wheels and a telescopic handle. 

Their interior is split into two packing sections: elastic cross straps and a small zippered pocket, while the other has a zippered divider. 

The full panel divider doesn’t have pockets, which is disappointing. Also, the bags don’t have locks, and you cannot expand their capacity, so you will need to be wary while packing.

7. Samsonite 3-Piece Luggage Set

The Samsonite 3-piece luggage set is one of the best lightweight hardside luggage sets

This high-strength and mid-range option is perfect for vacation and business travel. 

It features a professional yet contemporary design and beautiful bright color options to select from. 

The bags have a micro-diamond polycarbonate texture, making them exceptionally scratch-resistant and keeping them attractive tour after tour. 

The multi-directional four oversized spinner wheels provide a stable roll, and the suitcase sustains its balance well. 

The bags are protected with side-mounted TSA locks. Additionally, they have manageable interiors with a mesh pocket and cross straps in the primary section with a zippered pocket. 

A 10-year warranty covers this luggage set against imperfections in materials and craftsmanship.

8. Verage Travel Luggage 3 Pieces Set

A 19″ carry-on and 24″ and 29″ checked bags are included in the three-piece package, with the largest suitcase weighing little under 9 lbs. 

For a suitcase that measures 32 inches tall, “That’s a good weight for a tall bag with wheels and handles!

Moreover, all suitcases have double spinner wheels that glide smoothly and quietly.

Expandable capacity, TSA-friendly locks, and two front-panel zipped compartments are all included in this lightweight baggage.

9. Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Luggage 3 Piece Set

Are you looking for luggage that is both high-quality and reasonably priced? 

Amazon Basics has the best of both. The set consists of three parts, each measuring 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. 

It has two spinner wheels, and this is why it can travel in all directions, making it much easier to navigate through an airport or to your lodging. 

A 150D polyester organizer with three zipped pockets keeps smaller items organized on the interior. The scratch-resistant hard shell is strengthened for strength and durability. 

It is one of the best-rated luggage sets due to the 15% additional packing capacity, which is great for those who tend to overpack.

10. U.S. Traveler Aviron

Twill Polyester Fabric is used to make this item. Two large exterior pockets are available for last-minute things you want to keep. There is a large interior zippered mesh pocket for sorting your mess smoothly. 

It also has a 2-inch expansion gusset for additional packing space. A full interior lining is included, and compression straps to keep items in place.

For further mobility, it has four 360-degree spinner wheels. All of the pieces roll upright, removing any weight from your arm.

11. American Tourister Fieldbrook XLT

The fashionable selection will have you set to roll in style on your next adventure. This comprehensive set of luggage is designed to keep everything attractive and useful while keeping your luggage stylish. 

It has MULTIPLE external and internal pockets and a Push-button locking handles to keep you organized. It is ergonomically built to fit in your hand.

The package includes Boarding Bag: 10″H x 15″W x 6.5″D, 21″ Upright: 21″H x 14″W x 7″D, 25″ Upright: 25″H x 16.5″W x 8″D

12. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Set

The Travelpro Maxlite 5 set is a great choice if you’re looking for top-of-the-line baggage. This may not be an option to consider if you’re on a limited budget, but it’s well worth the money.

Single spinning wheels, a telescopic wheel handle that locks into several heights, and top and side grab handles are all included in this luggage set. The suitcases have no locks, which is unfortunate.

The Maxlite 5 and the Maxlite 6 bags have a single packing compartment with internal tie-down straps and extensible capacity.

The other suitcase in the two-piece set is either a 24″ or a 29″ bag, but the three-piece package contains both the M and L checked suitcases.

13. Travelers Club Sky+ Luggage Set

Yes, if you want to fly with only your carry-on luggage, the Travelers Club Sky+ Luggage Set can be ideal.

Only one 20-inch hard-shell suitcase is included in this budget-friendly bundle.

The exterior shell is made of lightweight and sturdy ABS material and has 360-degree spinner wheels.

A 15-inch softshell tote bag that sits on top of the rolling suitcase and attaches to the telescoping handle is included with the rolling bag. You also get a ten-inch toiletry bag.

All three pieces are available in a stunning rose gold finish.

14. Level8 Luggage Set – 2 Piece

When it comes to stylish and durable bags, you can’t go wrong with this Level8 Luggage Set.

A 20-inch and a 24-inch hard-shell spinner are included in the set, making it ideal for checking one bag and carrying on the other. 

The anti-scratch casings constructed of high-performance Makrolon polycarbonate make the bags lightweight and sturdy. 

Each piece has a fabric-lined interior with mesh pocket dividers and two zipped sections to keep your belongings organized.

All of Level8’s luggage comes with a lifetime warranty and TSA-approved combination locks.

15. Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set, Charcoal, 2-Piece (14/19)

The innovative and robust Eva-molded hi-count fabric is used to create this attractive and luxurious two-piece expandable luggage set. 

This suitcase is ideal for frequent travelers because it features the best heavy-duty PVC and polyester backing. 

The upright features include ergonomic and comfortable padded top and side grip handles, a push-button self-locking internally stored folding handle system, a clear in-line skate wheel system for a smooth ride, three internal organizational pockets for all your travel needs, and two front full-size zipper-secured pockets.

16. Delsey Helium Sky 3 Piece Luggage Set

Delsey Helium Sky 2.0 provides a vapor barrier for long-term use and a variety of features at a low price that will make your travels easier.

With 2′′ of growth and accessible pockets, you may simply expand it to its maximum capacity. It has a telescoping trolley handle that puts no strain on your arms. 

While carrying it, the spinning wheels ensure smooth motion. The guardian self-repairing interlocking on the middle compartment is also included in this luggage set. 

Overall, it is well-designed for ease of travel.

17. it luggage Duo-Tone 3 Piece Softside 8 Wheel Spinner Set

This ultra-lightweight 3-piece set is the ideal choice for your next trip. Each case from the set has four wheels (with 360-movement to help you move smoothly) and two exterior pockets to keep all your essentials intact and tight in the bag. 

Moreover, the telescopic handles are made of machine aluminum. 

The zippers are self-repairing with metal pull-tabs, which adds value in terms of durability. 

If you are looking for more style, know that it comes in 3 different colors, with is the most in-demand, especially for business travelers.

18. Traveler’s Choice Pagosa Indestructible Hardshell, 2-Piece Set

The Pagosa collection from Traveler’s Choice is a wonderful hard-side luggage set. Traveler’s Choice’s top hard-side checked luggage is the Pagosa medium checked luggage. 

It has a simple design, but it’s better than a plain bag with no design, and it comes in navy blue, baby blue, black, and pink.

On the inside, there are several zipped sections for storing various types of clothing or toiletries and the main compartment, which can still hold huge items of clothing.

19. Original Penguin Original 3pc Expandable Suitcase Set

Original Penguin’s soft-side range allows you to travel in style. This three-piece set has a total of 21 pieces “Carry-on, medium 25″ spinner, and tough 29” 8-wheeled spinner, all with style and purpose. 

Pack more – the expanded zipper can accommodate up to 2 additional items “extra space for those trips and activities where you’ll need to bring a few extra items. 

It’s even easier to lift thanks to a push-button aluminum trolley handle and the top, side, and bottom carrying handles.

20. American Tourister AT Pops Plus 3pc

The well-known American Tourister luggage brand includes the American Tourister Pop Plus Suitcase 3 Piece Set. 

The soft-sided suitcase set is constructed of polyester. Each suitcase is equipped with four spinner wheels that enable it to roll upright and away from your arm. 

Each of the three cases expands to provide you with more storage space.

The set includes a carry-on bag, a medium suitcase, and a big suitcase, including padded side and top handles to make lifting them into an overhead locker, car trunk, or closet easier.


A new luggage set can be an expensive investment. You want to confirm that you are acquiring your hard-earned money’s worth, which includes considering various factors other than the bags’ wheels and handles. 

This comprehensive review features the best lightweight luggage sets, which include everything from designs that shield your belongings from harsh conditions to robust and versatile options that the entire family can utilize. 

An excellent luggage set can last for many years and be tremendously useful for traveling.


  • What Is The Top Rated Lightweight Luggage?

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 5 International Expandable is one of the top-rated lightweight cases currently available in the market. This bag features an adjustable handle for smooth handling and four wheels. It increases your packing power and complies with carry-on size limitations for international air companies.

A large external zippered pocket is optimal for devices, newspapers, and magazines. Besides, it has a full-length interior lid pocket, two exterior compartments, and hold-down straps for flexibility and packing convenience.

  • What Luggage Is The Lightest In Weight?

Samsonite Neopulse and Travelpro Maxlite are the lightest bags in terms of weight. Samsonite Neopulse is a 20-inch suitcase and weighs only 4.9 lbs. However, the Travelpro Maxlite is a 19-inch suitcase and weighs only 5.3 lbs.

  • Where Can I Buy The Best Lightweight Luggage Sets?

The best place to buy lightweight luggage sets is Amazon. If you like any luggage sets we mentioned in this guide, just click on the “order now” button to purchase them.

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